Awesome Sliders

Construct Has 7 Total Sliders & 3 of Them Are Premium!

Construct has 8 home pages, and 7 of those pages have a different slider! 7 total sliders, 3 of which are premium sliders. Construct includes the awesome Moover Slider by, the OneByOne Slider by Sike, and the Unleash Accordion Slider by Alialaa. EAch one of these 3 premium sliders have amazing effects and are perfect for displaying your most important content. The moover slider comes with a wordpress plugin that allows you to easily create your slides in a WYSIWYG editor. It couldn’t be easier! in addition to these 3 premium sliders, Constrcut also includes the 100% responsive FlexSlider, the BX Slider, the Nivo slider and the Flash Piecemaker 2 Slider.

With 8 different home pages and 7 total sliders, Construct gives users true versatility.

  • Home Page 1 – OnebyOne Slider
  • Home Page 2 – Flex Slider
  • Home Page 3 – PieceMaker 2 Slider
  • Home Page 4 – Nivo Slider
  • Home Page 5 – UnLeash Accordion Slider
  • Home Page 6 – BX Slider
  • Home Page 7 – Moover Slider
  • Home Page 7 – No Slider Option

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